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In the mood for tasty, filling food that is made with great care? Then you’re in the mood for Milky Way! Here at Milky Way, we pride ourselves on offering delicious Kosher alternatives to the essential pizzeria foods normally sold in a standard pizzeria. However, one would be insane to compare us to our competitors or take us for a “normal” pizzeria. We offer a greater variety, especially with our vegetarian pies which are above standard in taste and quality. We make sure to prepare every item with our traditional values in mind.

Milky Way not only serves up a great plate of delicious Kosher food, we are a staple in our community and primarily focused on creating a family-friendly atmosphere for our guest . When creating our restaurant, we made sure to infuse the atmosphere with an energy that is welcoming to all so that everyone who stops by can say they felt comfortable. Also, we are always happy to serve at our customer’s special events with our awesome catering. So please, feel free to inquire about our catering specials.

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Sun - Thurs: 11A - 8P
Fri: 11A - 2P
Summer: Closed
Winter: 1 hour after Sabbath - 11